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At Anderton Park Primary school, we aim for all pupils to become fluent mathematicians who are able to apply their skills across a broad range of contexts and in their everyday lives. Children are engaged and enjoy learning about maths with all pupils approaching the subject with a growth mindset. Our teaching focuses on a teaching for mastery approach; developing a deep understanding of the concepts of mathematics in a tangible and accessible manner for all learners. Additional support and scaffolding is provided to ensure a high level of progress for all learners.  

Our content is mapped out across the school to ensure progression is continuous across all year groups. This content is then taught through a concrete, pictorial, abstract framework. Learners use hands on materials to model and unpick the concepts within mathematics from fractions to addition. This builds a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding which enables our pupils to make consistent progress across all year groups. 

We use spaced recall practise and consistent vocabulary expectations to support all pupils to become fluent and secure in their mathematical knowledge and reasoning ability. Pupils are able to reason about mathematical concepts and their processes through and understanding of the concepts and the vocabulary required to explain them. 

Key vocabulary is mapped out across the school and relevant knowledge is clearly presented in all classrooms. This is referred to and recalled in lessons as needed to ensure pupils are able to articulate their learning appropriately.  

We frequently use assessment for learning strategies to identify pupils in need of additional support or challenge in relation to that lessons’ content as well as using summative assessments to inform our long-term provision. 

Pupils are provided with a wide range of challenges and opportunities to reason about their mathematics both within maths lessons and across the wider curriculum in areas such as D.T and geography.