Our curriculum at Anderton Park

What we are learning and why


Our well-designed, well-thought through curriculum is like an intricate web of jaw-dropping connections that deliberately stress concepts because they are very transferable. We value these things the most; they are what make us the people we are today and will be tomorrow. Throughout the school, you will see and feel many of these important concepts, for example:




Determination & perseverance


Sparkle – being inquisitive, plenty of oxytocin


Being healthy – mind and body




Treasuring our Nation




Survival & our future








Taking responsibility


Our impact on the environment


Law and rights


Achievements & passions








Care and respect


Love of language & the arts


Time and timelines










 Our place in the world


Thirst for knowledge and enquiry


Reading for knowledge





Reading, memorable knowledge & new words

We want children to know new knowledge and words. We know that ‘learning more words makes you smarter’ and we read different texts in every lesson, fiction and non-fiction. 90% of new knowledge comes from reading; we therefore have a passion for reading, in particular how we infer meaning from what we read and see.


Experiences, songs, females, Shakespeare and National Treasures

Visiting places that will enhance our knowledge and help us make new connections in our learning are very important. We also invite visitors into school to talk to us and involve us in a new experience. Songs are a mnemonic that help us make knowledge permanent. We learn from many human beings but are particularly interested in women’s voices as they are so often overlooked.

  We try to redress imbalances in society by equipping ourselves with knowledge. And, in Britain, we have many National Treasures, Sir David Attenborough, Mary Anning , the Queen  for example, from whom we can learn many things. We are building our knowledge of them and their wisdom.


Shakespeare’s words too feature in all year groups throughout the year.