The Curriculum at Anderton Park

 Our children will be inspirational, kind, curious human beings, literate and with a passion for knowledge. 

 Emotionally healthy and able to build great relationships, our children will be empowered to take on the world.  


    Whole School Curriculum Intent 

At Anderton Park, children are at the heart of our school, and our curriculum, which is designed to be ambitious for all, plays a central role in providing our pupils with the experience of a broad range of different subjects. It is carefully sequenced to support progression in knowledge and skills; enabling our pupils to become confident and highly skilled in all areas of the curriculum. It deliberately stresses transferable knowledge and challenges children to make connections across their learning; developing resilience and building a growth mindset. 

Our curriculum, which is underpinned by a love of reading and language, is also resolutely committed to inclusivity and equality. These core principles which run through the curriculum, support us to work together to grow and maintain a strong school community in which all children care for and have respect for each other. Our school curriculum promotes enjoyment and facilitates the development of creativity; imbuing our children with a love of learning and a relentless curiosity.  



Reading, memorable knowledge & new words

We want children to know new knowledge and words. We know that ‘learning more words makes you smarter’ and we read different texts in every lesson, fiction and non-fiction. 90% of new knowledge comes from reading; we therefore have a passion for reading, in particular how we infer meaning from what we read and see.


Experiences, songs, females, Shakespeare and National Treasures

Visiting places that will enhance our knowledge and help us make new connections in our learning are very important. We also invite visitors into school to talk to us and involve us in a new experience. Songs are a mnemonic that help us make knowledge permanent. We learn from many human beings but are particularly interested in women’s voices as they are so often overlooked.


Shakespeare’s words also feature in all year groups throughout the year.