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Welcome to Anderton Park School


Welcome to our fantastic school!

I’m Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson and extremely proud to be Headteacher of Anderton Park Primary School. We are a very ambitious, happy school full of fantastic children and adults, all totally committed to providing a great education for our pupils. It’s the best school in the world and the best job in the world. We are all changing the word for the better and are all passionate about the part we play in promoting an equal and lovely world.

– At Anderton Park we value relationships, aspirations and the ability to sparkle.

– We are proud of our ethos and have an unwavering commitment to equality and embrace all aspects of The Equality Act 2010. We have worked with Educate and Celebrate to ensure we actively promote equality. See their website here; http://www.educateandcelebrate.org/.

– We are proud to be British and understand & relish our duty to promote British Values throughout our teaching, learning and curriculum.  We value many character strengths that help us all become proud citizens of Birmingham, the UK and the world.

-We tackle mediocrity and aim to close all attainment gaps so that progress of all is maximised.

– Growth Mindset is imperative for us, we are not born smart, we get smart.

– We love challenges, learn from mistakes, persevere and see resilience as a positive strength.

– Anderton Park is a superb school, full of passion, excellence and commitment. Children and adults excel here because everyone has a mindset that embraces effort, hard work and challenge.

– OFSTED agreed! In June 2013 they said “The Headteacher, senior leaders and governors are highly ambitious. They are strongly and successfully driving improvement in teaching and pupils’ achievement.”

– There are no outsiders at our school – everyone is unique, everyone is treated fairly.

– Children will leave Anderton Park with a love of maths, reading, writing and a thirst for knowledge.

January 2017 – Recent exciting changes to our school… Over the last two or three years we have welcomed many new families from Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and other European countries; so there are 39 different home languages spoken by the families at our school. We love the diverse nature of our school and embrace differences – there are no outsiders here! In Year 1 last year alone, we had 28 new children! In September 2016 we have had an additional 32 children in Year 4, as we had 55 children on our waiting list. Currently, we have 50 children on our waiting list in Year 6. We would love to build an additional school but we don’t have the space! Challenges? Yes, but we embrace them all.

We like to keep the children engaged in activities supporting the curriculum.  Click on the following link to view our Event Calendar:

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