March arrangements

25th February 2021   

Dear parents, families and children,

Great news – 8th March return for all children to Anderton Park School.

We have all heard the Government’s announcement that all children should return to school on Monday 8th March. We are very happy about the decision and like you still a little nervous about COVID and everyone’s health; together we can do this.

Anderton Park children staff and children have had very very low levels of COVID infections – only 3 children in a whole year a handful of staff. I think because we are a large school, old Victorian building with tall ceilings, lots of entrances, exits, playgrounds, different rooms and buildings and so on, we have been able to spread out a lot. Children and staff have been excellent hygienists too! Cleaning with anti bac, toilet handles, locks and taps every time they go.

All staff are now testing twice a week too which is highly effective and are asking their GPs for vaccines if at all possible.

School is open for ALL children on March 8th and we can’t wait to see you all. Everyone is expected to be in, government have said attendance is mandatory. Everything will be pretty much the same as before Christmas.

  • Years 1-6 families drop off children either at the gate by The House on Birchwood Crescent or at the Year 1 entrance on Dennis Road between 8:45 – 8:55. Reception and Nursery go straight to your classes as before.
  • After 8:55 children will go through the main entrance.
  • Each year group (reception to Y6) has their own exit at 3:15 (12:30 on a Friday) – the same as before.
  • Lunchtimes are slightly different to last term Y6, 5, 4 are 12:00 – 1:00 and Years 3, 2, 1 and Reception are 1:00 – 2:00. (This will be for a few weeks and eventually we will go back to a 45 minute lunch).
  • Uniform every day except on PE days when children come dressed in PE Kit please. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write your child’s name in their sweatshirt and coat. THANKS
  • Please bring your own pencil case so you can keep your pencil, rubber, etc all to yourself so we are not sharing equipment. (We have a few in school if you are struggling)
  • Coats will be on the back of chairs and bags under chairs still to avoid corridor crowding at the pegs so only bring a bag or coat if you really need to.
  • Children are back with their own class teacher. Online lessons will stop. Miss Madison has been poorly and has now resigned due to ill health, so Ms Poulter and Miss Edwards will carry on teaching 2MA.
  • If a child has to self isolate , you must let school know and we will give them a 10 days isolation pack of work. There will be no live lessons.
  • Clubs will start on 8th March: Mr Catlow will let you know about these.
  • In a few weeks time there may be some extra classes after school is some children want or need a bit extra help for them settling in – we will let you know about this.
  • Laptops – please bring them back in the first week, from Monday 8th March to Friday 12th March and bring them to the main entrance where staff will check them off our list.
  • There is no rush to bring back all reading and library books – if you’re in the middle of a great book, please keep it to finish reading. Staff will ask you to bring back books at some point. There is no rush to have everything back on Monday 8th
  • Our support and help will not stop. The food and clothes bank will continue to support you for whatever you need. Talk to Mr Harris or Mrs Saunders if you need anything else – we have some great support now from Hall Green Families Association who can help with overall emergency grants, housing issues. Mrs Baker will continue with all her support for settlement status too.
  • Free school vouchers will stop because children will be in school, having their meal at lunchtime.
  • Don’t worry too much about anything – as always we will do whatever we can to make things safe and easy for you. Mrs Gosal, Mrs Bi, Mrs Aris, Mr Harris are all here to answer any questions.

You may have lots of questions about all sorts of things – please ask. We will all work together over the next few months, aiming for restrictions to be lifted by the summer so that we can all see our friends and families again safely. Mr Harris is making a welcome video that will be on our website very soon so look out of it.

Thank you all, at home for doing everything you have been doing to ensure your families are well, happy and haven’t stopped learning. Children’s work and commitment has been truly excellent.

We can’t wait to see everyone.