Stone Age Stories

This week we have been completing our Stone Age stories. We have been planning our stories for 3 weeks, constantly upstaging them to write the best stories possible. Once we finished our final drafts, we then wrote them up into booklets and designed the front covers to go with them. Keep reading for some excerpts from our fantastic stories!

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‘Life in the Stone Age’ – I tumbled and crawled away. I had twisted my ankle. I fell hard to the ground and fainted. Once I awoke I saw people staring at me. YIKES! I felt quite embarrassed. Once they pulled my body up I saw a camp…! It was beautiful. Bright colours flew here, there, everywhere! My eyes sparkled with delight as I saw a rainbow. Then I saw a horrible sight. No one was having fun or even smiling. I have to lie down in some leaves until my leg got better. After a few days, it did. “I’m finally free! That took forever” I thought to myself…I stared at a terrifying creature. I began to scream and sob. The creature edged closer and closer but it turns out it was a girl. She was my age and her name was Beep. I asked her where I was. “Ha, ha! Can’t you tell?! You’re in the Stone Age!” she replied. “WHAT?!” I screamed in shock.


‘Me and Charlie’ – Immediately I could see people creating wonderful, beautiful clothes for kids, parents and families. They were all being kind and helping each other but I couldn’t see properly. Then to my relief a girl came up to me. She wore animal skin clothes. As she came closer and closer, she was very interesting. We became friends and one day decided to go fishing, then we came to the forest to fish. It was a marvellous day, I had lots of fun catching fish.


‘Weird Land’ – I came to this creely, horrifying world. Yesterday I was sleeping then I woke up and went somewhere. I came to this land and it was freezing like ice. I heard people talking in an unbelievable language. I touched some rough, grey stones. I smelt this stinky, disgusting fish. I saw an amazing family, they were handsome. However, I was scared because they looked like they might eat me. I saw this man and he was strong and fierce. He told me the end was coming! It was going to be horrifying…


‘The Death of the Past’ – On the cave walls he drew a meteorite hitting the camp so I had a plan. Let’s bail so ran into a massive forest full of animals…who wanted to kill us! Animals were everywhere so we made a fire to scare them away. We got very hungry and went hunting with the weapons we had made at camp. I killed 37 animals and my friend killed 39. He wanted to go back to the camp…when we did, we were too late! Everyone in the camp had passed on…it looked like a war had happened here!

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