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Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-17

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Pupil Premium Impact Report 2015-2016

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Pupil Premium Impact Report 2014-2015

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Projected Pupil Premium Expenditure 2014-2015

(please note the pupil premium allocations are indicative and may

alter as more accurate /up to date information becomes available).

This has increased to £1300 per eligible pupil in 2014/15 for 270 pupils making a total allocation under this heading for 2014/15 of £351,000.  The leadership team are able to identify these pupils on an individual basis and the focus for the forthcoming year will continue to be very much on these pupils and their performance compared to their peers.

“The grant may be spent by maintained schools for the purposes of the school; that is to say for the educational benefit of pupils registered at that school, or for the benefit of pupils registered at other maintained schools; and on community facilities, for example services whose provision furthers any charitable purpose for the benefit of pupils at the school or their families, or people who live or work in the locality in which the school is situated “

Further guidance is available


The government view is that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most. As such head teachers and school leaders should decide how to use the Pupil Premium and held accountable for the decisions they make through:

  • the performance tables which show the performance of disadvantaged pupils compared with their peers
  • the new Ofsted inspection framework, under which inspectors focus on the attainment of pupil groups, in particular those who attract the Pupil Premium
  • the new reports for parents that schools now have to publish online.

The proposals for 2014/15 as agreed by the Governing Body meeting of 25 March 2014 are:

allocations based on priorities within the School Development Plan under the following headings:

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
1 On-going intervention strategies £204,837
2 Raise self-esteem – PE £32,000
3 Girls’ atttainment £10,000
4 PATHS £6,000
5 Assertive mentoring £5,000
6 Additional Curricular Activities/Enrichment £20,000
7 Tution £20,000
8 Cross-curricular development £53,163

A fully detailed report of expenditure and pupil progress will be presented to the Governing Body at their meeting in the autumn term 2015.

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