Off to the shops…

We have gone money mad in 3GR this week! Our new topic in maths is all about understanding money and finding change.

Money is one of the best examples of how maths is all around us in everyday life and shows why being passionate about the subject is so important. We love maths in 3GR and jumped at the chance this week to use role play in our lessons to learn all about the practical applications of addition and subtraction.

On our tables we had lots of different items that we could purchase from the shop and gave ourselves a budget (just like real life!) We challenged ourselves to buy 2, 3 or even 4 items. We had to add up our totals and take our items to the shopkeeper (our talk partner). They had to calculate the change we needed. It was important that we calculated the change ourselves also to make sure we were given the correct amount (a useful tip for all adults too – you don’t want a shop to rip you off for your items!)

We had a great time role playing shoppers and shopkeepers, ask us to calculate your shopping and change for you – we are now pros!

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