sarah-hewitt-clarksonSarah Hewitt-Clarkson

I am Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson, the Head teacher. I help make sure our school offers you the best at all times. I keep track of all the progress the children make.

Claire Evans

I am Mrs Evans, Deputy Headteacher and currently phase leader for Year 2. I love English and am lucky enough to be leading it in our School, it makes me really enjoy coming to work every day. Reading is another of my passions and I will be trying lots of new ways to make it yours too!


paul-sinclairPaul Sinclair

Hi, my name is Paul Sinclair and I am an Assistant Headteacher at our lovely school. I am in charge of making the ICT curriculum enjoyable which includes programming and many more exciting things. I am also currently phase leader for Years 3 and 4.


mila-majevadiaMila Majevadia

I am Mrs. Majevadia, Assistant Headteacher and Phase Leader for Years 5 and 6. I am really passionate about excellence in teaching and learning. I lead whole school assessment and Teach First partnership at our school.


kathy-mayneKathy Mayne

I am Kathy Mayne, an Assistant Headteacher at our amazing school. I try my best to make sure that children who need additional support from time to time have that help. I often work with parents to ease any worries they have regarding their child’s time at school, their progress and sometimes during the transition time when children move to secondary schools (always a worrying time). Another part of my work is to liaise with Birmingham University, supporting their students as they begin their teaching career. The students teach our children for a period of up to eight weeks under the careful eye of our teachers. They always leave here having had a very worthwhile school experience and go out with many different skills that they have learnt during their time here. I feel very privileged to be working at Anderton Park School.


valVal Poulter

I am the Assistant Head in Foundation Stage and Year 1 (Nursery, Reception and Year 1). I really enjoy my job working with Nursery and Reception children making sure that they are happy and progress well with their learning. I am also responsible for making sure that science at Anderton Park School is exciting and that all the children from Nursery to Year 6 have lots of fun learning science.


sue-huntSue Hunt

I am Senior Pastoral Manager at the school and I monitor pupils’ attendance and punctuality. I also manage pastoral care throughout the school.



angela-jafferiesAngela Jefferies

I am Angela Jefferies, the School Business Manager, which means I look after the budget for the whole school, working closely with the Governors and the Head to make sure our money is spent wisely.


Clive Phillips

I am Clive Phillips and I am the Premises Manager of our wonderful school. I am in charge of the health, safety and welfare of all our children, staff and visitors.


Curt Ryder

I am Curt Ryder and I take care of the school building and it’s security.


mussart-biMussarat Bi

I am the School Receptionist, and therefore the first person you come into contact with when you either visit or telephone the school. I collect dinner and trip money from pupils, and make calls home when pupils are absent.


shazia-sharifShazia Sharif

I am the Senior Lunchtime Supervisor and my team ensure that the children eat well and are kept safe at lunchtime.


jogitaJogita Ubhi

I am Office Manager at the school. I am responsible for school administration which includes school trips, dinner money, ordering supplies and the school newsletter.

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